Quantum Research at Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University has a large body of researchers covering diverse fields of quantum science and technology. The wide array of topics ranged from foundations of quantum theory, quantum information, computational methods, quantum nano-systems, quantum optics, and quantum many-body physics and superconducting devices.


Quantum theory was developed in the beginning of the 20th century and revolutionized our understanding of physical systems, but we are now at the midst of the so-called "second quantum revolution", in which the basic quantum concepts are used to realize applications in computing, simulation, sensing, communication and materials science.


There are now major efforts worldwide, in USA, China, Europe and Israel, in order to develop new applications as part of the second quantum revolution. These efforts include the establishment of major new funds to support QST activities.

To face this challenge, TAU has already recruited an impressive number of more than 20 researchers, dedicated to various aspects of quantum information science. Our next step is to establish a Quantum Science and Technology Center in TAU.


Future aims of the TAU Quantum center are:

  • Conduct regular meetings of research groups, workshops and seminars to create a quantum science eco-system at TAU.
  • Establish a training program in quantum science for TAU graduate students, including both theory and experimental aspects.
  • Recruit new quantum science and quantum information researchers.
  • Establish international collaborations in quantum-related fields.


Tel Aviv University has a long tradition of excellence in quantum mechanics and has several noteworthy scientists that made keynote contributions to the foundations of this field. As an example, fundamental effects and concepts such as the Aharonov-Bohm effect, quantum weak value measurement and interaction-free measurement were introduced and developed by TAU researchers and are currently employed in numerous quantum systems worldwide.


The Tel Aviv University Quantum Science and Technology Center aims to conduct and support cutting edge research in this field, to train students at all levels in this fast emerging field, to open new research directions by hiring new faculty and assist in establishing their labs, to collaborate with industrial partners on potential QST applications, to form an active and vibrant community at Tel Aviv University by sponsoring startup funds for collaborations and joint seminars and to provide visibility and exposure of our activities at the National and International levels by hosting top scientists and arranging international workshops.


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