Prof. Yaron Oz


School of Physics and Astronomy

Faculty of  Exact Sciences


Office: +972-3-6408159


Prof. Yaron Oz works on diverse aspects of Quantum Field Theories, Gravity and Strings. These include the holographic relation between quantum field theories, quantum gravity, black hole hydrodynamics, conformal field theories and turbulence. In recent years Professor Oz proposed an analytical solution to the long-standing problem of turbulence. Most fluid motions in our universe are turbulent. However, despite centuries of research we still lack an analytical description and understanding of fluid flows in the non-linear regime. Turbulence is considered as the most important unsolved problem of classical physics. The turbulent incompressible fluid flows exhibit highly complex spatial and temporal intermittent structures.  When considering their statistical average properties, a universal structure is revealed in the inertial range of scales that exhibits homogeneity, isotropy and anomalous scalings. Based on his work in the field of black hole hydrodynamics, he proposed a field theory description of steady state incompressible fluid turbulence at the inertial range of scales, and constructed an analytical formula to calculate them. Prof. Oz is working with experimentalists and computational fluid dynamics researchers in order to verify his proposal.  His theory can be generalized to other important systems including superfluids and magneto-hydrodynamics, which he is currently considering with his graduate students. While constructing his turbulence field theory, he also discovered a new class of higher-dimensional generalizations of the famous two-dimensional Liouville conformal field theory and he is currently studying them together with his graduate students.

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