Prof. Moshe Goldstein

School of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Exact Sciences

Phone: 03- 640-8300



My research concerns the theory (both analytical and numerical) of nanoscale and low-dimensional quantum condensed matter systems, including: semiconductors, normal and superconducting metals, carbon-based materials, topological insulators, and ultracold atomic gases. These systems offer the fascinating challenge of understanding the interplay between quantum interference, strong correlations, topology, and nonequlibrium dynamics. Furthermore, they are important as the basic building blocks of future devices, including quantum simulators and quantum computers.


Particular recent research directions include:

  1. Dissipation as a tool for the quantum simulation of topological quantum states of matter in ultracold atomic gases and related systems
  2. Quantum simulation of strongly-correlated quantum impurity physics using superconducting quantum circuits
  3. Development of tensor network algorithms for far-from-equilibrium quantum impurity systems
  4. Oxide interfaces as a controllable quantum material, featuring tunable superconductivity, magnetism, and ferroelectricity
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