Dr. Yoav Lahini

School of Physics and Astronomy, Department of Condensed Matter Physics

E-mail: lahini@tauex.tau.ac.il

Phone: 640-8248/ 050-3838860


Quantum Walks:  Quantum Walks are the quantum-mechanical analogues of the classical random-walks: unitary processes that describe the evolution of an initially localized wave function on a lattice potential. My work aims at understanding and developing methods to control the increased complexity of the dynamics when several indistinguishable quantum walkers propagate on the same lattice simultaneously, as these develop non-trivial spatial correlations that depend on the particle's quantum statistics, their mutual interactions, initial positions, and the lattice potential. By performing analytical and computational studies, and collaborating with experimentalists in quantum photonics, ultra-cold atoms and superconducting-qubits, we explore the physics of quantum walks and their applications in physical simulations and quantum information processing.

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