QuanTAU 2020

Quantum Science and Technology at Tel Aviv University, 19-21 May, 2020


19 May 2020, 9:00 
Tel Aviv University, Porter School of Environmental Studies 
Quantum Science and Technology at Tel Aviv University, 19-21 May, 2020


Tel Aviv University recently established a multidisciplinary Centre for Quantum Science and Technology, aiming at promoting and advancing fundamental research in the field of quantum sciences, as well as corresponding technologies and applications, particularly, quantum computation, communication, sensing, and materials.


This workshop marks the inauguration of the QuanTAU Center and will honor Yakir Aharonov and Michael Berry for their contributions to Quantum Mechanics.



Organizing Committee:

Yaron Oz, Chair, Tel Aviv University
Ady Arie, Tel Aviv University
Marek Karliner, Tel Aviv University
Koby Scheuer, Tel Aviv University
Lev Vaidman, Tel Aviv University



Speakers (partial alphabetic list):


  • Dorit Aharonov, Hebrew University, Israel
  • Yakir Aharonov, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Boris Altshuler, Columbia University, USA
  • Alon Bahabad, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Charles Bennett, IBM, USA
  • Michael Berry, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Gilles Brassard, Université de Montréal, Canada
  • Artur Eckert, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Francois Englert, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium
  • David Gross, UC Santa Barbara, USA
  • Roni Ilan, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Gerard 't Hooft, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • Ebrahim Karimi, University of Ottawa, Canada​
  • Alexander Ling, Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS,  Singapore
  • Slava Mukhanov, LM University of Munich, Germany
  • Jian-Wei Pan, The University of Science and Technology, China
  • Eugene Polzik, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark
  • Sandu Popescu, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Renato Renner, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • Yael Roichman, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Wolfgang Schleich, Ulm University, Germany
  • Marlanv Scully, Texas A&M, USA
  • Nati Seiberg, IAS Princeton, USA
  • Moti Segev, Technion, Israel
  • Aephraim Steinberg, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Ady Stern, Weizmann Institute, Israel
  • Vlatko Vedral, University of Oxford, United Kingdom


* to be confirmed


Poster Presentation

Participants are invited and encouraged to present their research in the form of a poster. Poster abstract submission deadline is April 18, 2020.

Best Posters will be Awarded



Registration will be free of charge – Pre-Registration will be required

Online Registration


Additional Info:

For additional information, please contact:
Mickey Shenhar
Administrative Director
Email Address: mickeysh@tauex.tau.ac.il




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